Page One - Write or Die

Page One documents the intense journey of a writer to create the most compelling protagonist possible - at any cost.

The movie has a tentative release date of the summer of 2019.
Read the Director's Statement. Also read Frequently Asked Questions.

Page One FAQ

Q: What's the movie's final running length?

A: Between 60 and 80 minutes.

Q: Where will the film be distributed?

A: After a film festival run, Page One is expected to hit Netflix or iTunes at some point. A limited edition DVD release is also planned.

Q: Is the film available on 35mm?

A: No.

Q: When was the movie shot?

A: Page One was filmed during a period of about six years between the summer of 2012 and the summer of 2018.

Got it

November 2018
The tentative premiere date for Page One has been moved to the summer of 2019. The project is very much alive. A second trailer may be released soon. Stay tuned.

December 2017
The Page One Original motion picture soundtrack is now available on Apple Music and iTunes.

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